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  • Siobhan M. thumbnail

    My experience has been wonderful. The office staff is always friendly and courteous. I have been feeling great since starting care under Dr. Arnitsis. Thank you!!

    -Siobhan M.
  • Daniel K. thumbnail

    My son and I had appointment with Dr. Axelrod, but he had an emergency and was not available. Dr. Arnitsis was able to see us right away and on top of that he performed great, professional and very helpful and healing adjustment. Thank you TEAM!!!

    -Daniel K.
  • Yolanda F. thumbnail

    Elmsford Chiropractic doctors have professional and excellent service. Thank you, Dr. Elias Arnitsis so much and God bless you.

    -Yolanda F.
  • Marilyn H. thumbnail

    I always look forward to my adjustment with Dr. Axelrod because he alleviates my pain and makes me feel better.

    -Marilyn H.
  • Nikita Z. thumbnail

    Excellent office, wonderful personnel!

    -Nikita Z.
  • Katherine T. thumbnail

    Everyone is wonderful. I couldn’t have chosen a better group!!!

    -Katherine T.
  • Rick H. thumbnail

    Very professional and pleasant staff. Dedicated to making you feel better….and they do! After just two weeks, I feel better already.

    -Rick H.
  • Ellie C. thumbnail

    I have been going there now for three weeks, and am very happy with both doctors they are helping me feel better with the adjustments and are good educators on what is going on with my spine, they answer every question I have. The staff are wonderful too, I could not be happier to find this doctors office.

    -Ellie C.

Elmsford Chiropractors Bring You Wellness

Find Health Solutions at Elmsford Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center

At Elmsford Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center, Elmsford chiropractors, Dr. Brett Axelrod, Dr. Ciaran Cullen and Dr. Alex Rodnick don’t just treat your pain. We’ll look to the cause of your problem and take a holistic approach to helping you. We’ll discuss how your body works and what you can do to live a healthier lifestyle. With our effective, natural chiropractic care, you’ll get the health you’ve always hoped for.

‘’Chiropractic can change your outlook and give you a better quality of life.’’—Dr. Axelrod, Dr. Cullen and Dr. Rodnick

Dare to DREAM

Our philosophy is to teach our community about living a lifetime of wellness. We use the DREAM acronym to guide you on your journey to health:

  • D-Diet
  • R-Rest
  • E-Exercise
  • A-Spinal Alignment
  • M-Mental attitude

Helping You Make Changes

Our comprehensive approach involves using several different methods to help you lead a lifestyle of true wellness. With exercise and nutritional counseling in addition to healing chiropractic care, you won’t just be free of pain—you’ll proactively change your own life.

We specialize in care for pregnant women and children, so we’re here to help your entire family reach optimal health! We also offer workshops in-office to help educate you on the latest health-related topics, so you can bring the most up-to-date knowledge about healthy living to your family and community.

Elmsford Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center is here to help you reach your healthcare goals through safe, natural healing. Call today to find out how we can help you! (914) 345-6700

Dr. Brett Axelrod, Dr. Ciaran Cullen and Dr. Alex Rodnick
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