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Patient Testimonials

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Elmsford Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center patient testimonials below and email us or contact our office if you have any questions.

~ Dr. Axelrod and Dr. Ciaran Cullen

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My experience at Elmsford Chiropractic has been nothing less than fantastic. I always feel like I am receiving the best care as well as being greeted by a very friendly group of people. They are always accommodating and without Dr. Axelrod there is not way I wold be able to continue to be as athletically active as I am.

~ Ken B.

quote-rightDr. Axelrod and Dr. Arnitsis are committed and caring health care professionals. After just 2 months of adjustments, chiropractic has added a tremendous value to my knowledge, health and well-being. Just recently, I had the pleasure of attending one of Elmsford Chiropractic’s ‘Patient Appreciation Dinners’. My knowledge of chiropractic adjustments were limited to the belief that chiropractors are helpful in relieving joint injuries and back pain. Dr. Axelrod was very thorough in his explanation of how chiropractic can also assist with the treatment of chronic headaches, sinus problems, ear infections, leg pain, arthritis, and many other illnesses that have been reported by patients after chiropractic therapy. As a dietetic and wellness practitioner, I would suggest using chiropractic as a comprehensive approach to your medical and wellness care.

~ Rosemarie D.

My recent experience here at Elmsford Chiropractic was like no other. In one word; complete. It was a thoughtful, completely systematic exam on the total structural and functional me, which resulted in the assessment of my potential well being. Stay focused, remain unique. Thank you!

~ Keane C.

quoteI have never felt better. I have not had one migraine since my initial visit for my first adjustment. The entire staff is compiled of warm professionals who care about their patients. I have been sharing my fabulous experience with everyone I know. I truely believe in the treatment of chiropractic and am grateful.

~ Eunice A.

Extremely detailed.. 2nd experience with a chiropractic practice and I was never examined with the level of detail i was in my evaluation. Great experience… look forward to the healing process!

~Rosemary B.

quote-rightI have been a client at the Elmsford Chiropractic for almost 17 years. Now approaching the age 82 years, I must say that I have experienced a relatively healthy, active lifestyle. Much of that is due to my weekly visits to the Elmsford Chiropractic. After a long life with painful scoliosis and a severe automobile accident in 1995,I have been able to maintain a very good health profile. I highly recommend the Elmsford Chiropractic to everyone seeking a better life!

~ Audrey C.

My office visits at Elmford Chiropractic are always a pleasure from the short wait in the reception area to a friendly greeting and smile followed up by the actual chiropractic manipulation that day. The schedule process and the various reminders are above reproach. I feel healthier and look forward to a lifetime of preventing issues before they occur!

~ Joe B.

quoteI have been a satisfied patient since November 2008, and could not be happier!! I had 2 decades of accumulating subluxations, and when I got here i was in pretty bad shape. I knew immediately it was the right move. I was able to get adjusted and it provided tremendous relief. I have been getting regular adjustments since, and it has improved my situation immensely! ~ Kevin S.

Elmsford Chiropractic is a team you can trust for your health. I am always greeted with a kind smile from the girls at the front desk, they are patient and accommodating with my ever changing schedule. Dr. Arnitsis has a kind, caring demeanor and i appreciate his holistic approach. He is informative and I feel that he genuinely cares about my personal progress and to me that is a rare find that should be acknowledged. ~ Brian M.


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