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Chiropractic Diabetes Care in Elmsford, NY

Diabetes Care In Elmsford, NY

Diabetes is a major health condition that can be developed as a young child, or later in their life from an unhealthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, chiropractic care has shown to help stabilize blood sugar levels in people who suffer from diabetes, AND in people who do not suffer from diabetes.

Wondering how that’s possible? Let us explain it to you further.

Your upper neck and the middle of your back are responsible for supplying nerve signals to your brain and your vital organs. When there is not enough response happening between your brain and organs, your pancreas, blood sugar, and digestion become affected. If the pancreas is affected and begins to not function properly, your body begins to have a lack of enzymes produced to help with vital roles, such as producing insulin and aiding in digestion.

Basically, if your nerve supply is disturbed through spinal misalignment, then the overall function of the pancreas can suffer. The good news is, chiropractic care can fix these subluxations, preventing further issues between your brain and vital organs.


Chiropractic care focuses on aligning your spine, therefore allowing your nerves and spine to work to their best ability helping organs to function at their best ability. Keeping your spine in alignment through regular chiropractic care could help increase your overall immune system and hormone function.


Recent research has shown evidence that chiropractic care may make a difference in those diagnosed with diabetes by providing to an overall wellness protocol that helps keep insulin levels in check.

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